Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 506: Interview & Giveaway

Hey kids. Check out today. There's an AMAZING interview with yours truly and you can enter to win a signed copy of Better Off Red. Run. Click. Fast. Go. Now. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 503

Gingered beardo and fellow author, Chuck Wendig has an excellent post on his blog today about writers following their own path. Over the past year and a half I have received some amazing advice, some terrible advice, met and chatted with some awesome agents and writers and come across publishing types I'd just as soon push in front of a subway car before I forced myself to speak to them again. In that time, I have definitely learned that this writing journey is my own.

If you haven't been following this blog from the start, 503 days have passed between my first submission to an agency and the official release off Better Off Red. No, Bold Strokes Books does not fuck around when it comes to getting books out. Just another reason I feel at home with them. Minimal BS. :) No other author will experience what I have in the same amount of time, just as I will never share their exact experience, but that's the beauty of this life thing.

Though it's been on sale for a week and some change, today Is Better Off Red's proper book birthday, which means you should be able to walk into bookstores and pick it up. I'll probably go to my local Barnes and Noble and put it up on some display near the front. :) I'm sure they love when people do that. So far Better Off Red has received some awesome reviews on Amazon and goodreads from people who aren't my mom and that makes my heart very happy. I'd like to give a special shout out to my editor Cindy who made Better Off Red the book it is now. I love her guts. 

Several of my fellow Bold Strokes authors also celebrate book birthdays.

Rob Byrnes's Holy Rollers (gay fiction/mystery)

Jeffrey Ricker's Detours (gay fiction)
I'm almost done with this one and its fantastic

Radclyffe's Sheltering Dunes (lesbian romance) The next installment in the Provincetown Series

Yolanda Wallace's Lucky Loser (lesbian romance WITH TENNIS)

Sam Cameron's Mystery of the Tempest: A Fisher Key Adventure (Young Adult/mystery)

Edited by Richard Labonté History' s Passion: Stories of Sex Before Stonewall
Finished this in one night. AMAZING!

In other news, check twitter and possibly BBC world news (anything that isn't fox new or cnn) if you aren't up to date on the situation with NYC Occupy Wallstreet movement. In the middle of the night, NYPD cleared protesters out and destroyed the camps while banning media coverage. It was just late night for me so I watched the streaming videos from inside and kept up with the tweeting madness. This is why we vote, people.

And here's some Beyonce for those of you who visit for visual stimulation. I plan to wear that first outfit at my next reading.