Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coming Attractions

Thanks to the twitter nets and May over at Smexy Books, I've decided to do more formal updates re: what I have coming up next.

I make lists. I even posted one up here on my blog last week about what I was going to write next. That list has changed BUT now that list is more solid and I'd love to share what the rest of 2013 has in store for my typing little fingers. This list will remain that same as in I will be writing these things for sure, but I of course don't know when this stuff will be released for sure.

1. Getting Busy on Route 66

I'll be writing a roadtrip themed novella. This will feature a young (20's) black lesbian couple. Sex will be had. I don't have a title for this yet, or character inspiration because I usually write the shorter stuff in one or two sittings. The story comes to me in one hunk. I don't outline or anything. I NEED character inspirations for outlines. I have NO idea when this will be released, but I will update you folks when I know.

*EDIT (May 15)*

See this is why I hate announcing things until I actually start working on them. So I've added to this list

1A. A Screenplay

I'll be working on a treatment then screenplay for a lady-buddy comedy. I'm writing this with a good friend

1B. New Adult Romance 

Meet Shay-Leigh and Austin


I have a working title for this, but I'm almost positive that I'll change it. This is a little something I dreamed up about two black kids meeting during their freshman year of college. There will be some angst as there always is with these New Adult things, but for the most part it'll be a sweet, fun journey.

2. The Chance Encounter Trilogy

I'm kind of excited about this. I'm going to write a contemporary romance trilogy. For now I'm calling it The Chance Encounter Trilogy. Each book will feature a different couple, but all three books will be connected by the heroes' professional relationships. They all work together.

Couple #1: Bryan Connelly and Michelle Nordin
I don't have character inspiration for these two because Bryan is a 6'5 urban lumberjack type, with tattoos and an enormous chest. Michelle is half black/Swedish and what I like to call bottom heavy, or think in the hips. Finding people who look like that on the internet is hard.

Couple #2: David Nah and Amanda Baldwin

David and Amanda were headed toward being the stars of a really dark novella, but I like them so much as a couple I wanted to give them a brighter story. Their relationship starts on Tumblr over some fanart of their favorite show. What can I say, you write what you know. David and Bryan work in the same industry so I figured hmmmmmm maybe we can do something with these four. And that gave birth to...

#3 Theo Walker and Samita Tambe

Right now, I like their conflict the best. Parents, professional strife, SEX!

All three stories will have the sexy times. I don't know how to omit them. All three stories will be fun and relatively light. All three heroes will be sweethearts and all three leading ladies will be all around kick ass. I've never come up with three books so smoothly before. Did I mention that I'm excited to write these books?!?!? As of right now, I plan to self-publish this trilogy, but I have no idea how I'll feel when I'm done writing them, so we'll see.

3. Soul To Keep: Vampire Sorority Sister Series Book 3

Jill and Miyoko (Tokyo)

I'm pumped to write Jill and Miyoko's story. Jill is trying to figure out what kind of adult she wants to be and Miyoko is trying to deal with the kind of vampire she has become. I needed to get Benny and Cleo out of my system. Now I'm ready for some real angst and some demon related murder wrapped up in an x-rated vampire on human love story. 

And there you have it. I've done the math and all of this comes in at around 360,000 words. Can I do it? Yes. Yes, I can. Or else, why did I vote for Obama. I'll check back in as things move along. Feel free to bug me about my progress. I need to know that people care.