Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 74

My bill paying job has been pretty busy this week so I haven't had a lot of energy to blog in addition to my other writing adventures. I've had one partial requested and then rejected, but I press forward, spirits brightened by the fact that I came home to a dish-free sink and a happy boyfriend with a clean-shaven head. He looks super bald.

Here are some things I've learned/thought of since my last post in no particular order. And a picture I like. The artist is Ben Newman.

- I'm confused by writers who become enraged with agents who reject them. They said no to your query. They didn't call you ugly to your face, which hurts, trust me. I've learned A LOT from a couple agents who have rejected my query and they are actually pretty nice people. I hope to actually meet them some day.

- If you email people, more often than not, they email you back. 

- Not everyone should give advice (I knew this before, but it's come up a lot this week)

- Playing with my characters in my head is a fantastic way to pass the time while sitting in traffic in Beverly Hills. Lil' Wayne, Does It Offend You, Yeah?,  and Chromeo only add to the pleasure of it all.

- Patience does pay off.

- Even when you walk into a really awkward situation you will be able to pull something from it that you can use in your writing. An old man named Stewart weirded the hell out of me this week and he will show up somewhere in my work. I can guarantee it.

- You will get fired if you sit across from your boss and don't do any work for two weeks. This has nothing to do with queries

-There are some really nice people out there internet land and I enjoy finding them. Some times they point you toward helpful things like agents to query, good books, home remedies and recipes. And some times they just offer a virtual hand to hold.

-Current TV has hilarious programming that makes me laugh, smile and think a little harder.

Hi new followers. ♥

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  1. you are a better person than i. because truly, if the roles were reversed, i'd be bitter and upset and just...depressed.
    press on baby, you can do it.
    also, "that's gay" is my favorite. i have you to thank for the joys of bryan safi