Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 159

The past week kicked my ass. Work was brutal and the boyfriend's new work schedule is insane. I found these sneakers. TOTALLY wanted to buy them, but couldn't find them anywhere in my size. It was devastating. I had very little time to write, but I did set up an author page for myself on facebook HERE and I attended my first RWA meeting here in LA.

The folks in the LARA chapter were so welcoming and I heard some great stories about some really amazing and inspiring journeys to publication.  I have a few things to get done writing-wise this week. Let's hope I actually get them done.

In other news, I saw TANGLED and absolutely loved it. This is my favorite song from the soundtrack. And here's another picture I rather enjoyed.

(art by will murai that reminds me of my ginger.♥)

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